Jo’s Jottings: Getting what you wish for isn’t always what you wanted

By Jo Ellen Dale

On Dec. 19, Richmond Kiwanis Club held a regular meeting at the 19th Hole. Speaker for the day was Richmond School Superintendent Dr. Kizzire who gave us a detailed account of the district.  Some of the data included 12.5 students to each teacher, a very healthy ratio, and impressive figures in expenditures in the last few years noting an almost $3 million drop.  After his talk he answered questions from the group.
The Wednesday Walkers Breakfast Club met at Our Place for a going-away party for Alice Neely who will be moving to Oak Park after the first of the year.  She received cards, gifts and a beautiful cake. Fortunately, most of the group made it. Including myself, those present were Pauline Masters, Peggy Sullard, Sandy Burns,  Peggy Sturgeon, Eileen Downing, Jean Hamacher and Marlene Skyles.  After much joking and laughing and breakfasting, Alice shared a piece of cake with each of us. We agreed that as soon as she is settled we will go for a visit.
“Be careful what you wish for” is a true saying.  Last Wednesday, I said that I wished it would go ahead and act like winter – and Thursday we had a blizzard that has more or less stranded me for two days.  Thank goodness for friends because Elise Pointer, whom I consider to be one of my kids, got  me to an appointment on Thursday in her four-wheel-drive vehicle and waited an hour to take me home. Other friends checked on me and brought my paper in out of the snow.  My grateful thanks to all.
In reading Linda Emley’s column I see that she paid me a nice compliment and I would like to return the same.  Her column is well researched and written.  She also gave me a ride home from the Richmond News Christmas party and I was surprised to learn that she did not know that I was born and grew up in Macon, Ga. However, my mother was from Missouri and lived in Richmond in 1901 and went to first grade in Miss Fannie Bernard’s class. Her father, Rev. Josiah P. Godbey, was a Methodist circuit rider and served Todd’s Chapel, New Hope and Millville churches. Oops! Deja vu. I believe I might’ve mentioned all this in a previous column. Anyway, we always came to Missouri for holidays and to Richmond when my mother’s sister, Mrs. Ernest Jones, and her husband, Rev. Jones, moved  here to serve the Methodist church.
A surprise 70th birthday party was given on Friday, Dec. 7 for Anita Mautino.  It was held at V’s restaurant on 40 Highway in Independence hosted by her daughter, Jo Ellen, and son-in-law Ronnie Compton and grandson, 10 1/2 year-old Alex, all of Arlington, Texas.  Helping make this occasion a big surprise were her husband August, son Brian Derstler, granddaughter Brooke Derstler, Bob and Wanda Harshner and granddaughters Caitlin and Cressa, Paul and Linda Mautino, Norman and Margie Bowman, Doug and Ruby Curtis and Tom and Ileene Lager.  Jo Ellen, Ronnie and Alex stayed until Tuesday.  They enjoyed seeing some of the sights in Richmond as it had been some time since they were here.  Happy Birthday, Anita.
My younger son, Chuck, came on Christmas Eve and brought most of the dinner. He is a very good cook.  The next day we enjoyed leftovers and exchanged our gifts.
Wishing for all of you a healthy and happy New Year.
I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year ever.  And, of course, let me hear about all your happy gatherings.



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