Jo’s Jottings: Walk for the Cure participants haven’t forgotten friend who succumbed to cancer

By Jo Ellen Dale

Barb Pierce, Karen Green and Jackie Stanton all participated in the Susan G. Komen, Walk for the Cure on Sunday, Aug. 12 in memory of their friend, Paula Jorgensen.  Once again there was a large “Team Paula Kay” group of family and friends out there in her memory.
At the regular meeting of the Richmond Kiwanis Club on Aug. 14 at the 19th Hole restaurant Lea Johnson (President of Rotary, the “other” service club) gave a very interesting program on ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.
His son, Mark, has survived this mysterious malady for 12 years. The normal survival rate, he pointed out, is three to five years. Mark is still active and volunteers at the hospital and the Chamber of Commerce. Lea Johnson and other ALS support groups are working diligently to raise funds for research.
Lea remarked on the percentage here in Ray county of the national average of those who have succumbed and said ALS fundraising activities are a very worthy cause that deserve our support.
Some of the programs that we will be hearing in September include one by Leslyn Farmer on the Farris Theatre, one by Ray Gill and of course the annual Kiwanis Banquet on Sept. 25 at the 19th Hole restaurant.
While I was having lunch last Friday at the 19th Hole, I saw Jim Strain and his wife having lunch with a group of former tour members.  I went over to visit as I’ve also enjoyed tours with Jim.  My all time favorite was the trip to Omaha.  The tours are always superbly run and well worth the modest cost, which includes everything. It is also a chance to renew old friendships and make new ones.
I was so pleased to see the Laucks and Hockemeiers hard at work surrounding the flower beds on Spartan Drive with stone borders.  I hear that it is being paid for by Richmond Beautification and I, for one, plan to make a donation to help out.  Anything we can do to make our town more appealing is a step in the right direction.
My neighbors, Larry and Kathy Best, have just returned from a short vacation at Tan-Tar-A resort.  Kathy was laughing about how much preparation one must make to be away just a couple of days. She reported that they enjoyed their mini-vacation, even though it cooled down and there was some rain.  Kathy then  went to her daughter Heather’s to see that her grandchildren, Taylor, Joshua and Sophia Farnan, got off to their first day of school as Heather had a job with McGraw-Hill publishing Co. in Iowa.
Kathy said that Heather enjoys her position as an educational consultant, even though it does require distant travel sometimes. She works with school districts in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa that have purchased or are purchasing new elementary text books by doing in-service training to help the teachers implement the new books into their curriculum.
Friday I met friends at the 19th Hole restaurant for lunch.  There were several whom we had not seen for quite a while, Marla Jones, Lucille Gill and Billie Hampton.  Among the regulars were Nancy Brummall, Nadine Shiner and yours truly.
On Saturday, I attended part of the “Praise in the Park” put on by the St. John CME Church.  I especially like to hear the choir sing backed up by the band.  It is praise music with a beat and it is next to impossible to stand still, so I find myself clapping right along with everyone.  There was something for everyone and I would have stayed longer had I not had another committment.
Again, I would like to remind all of you that the Richmond Farmers’ Market on the square each Saturday morning is well worth checking out.  Last Saturday I found some really delicious peaches and saw other fresh produce that is not only good for our health but also is a way to support our community.
At the Richmond Kiwanis Club meeting today Marti Cowherd put on a very timely program about stamping out tetanus around the world.  Basically, it has been contained in this country, although Marti did point out that the first vaccination will last only 10 years so that any injury one might sustain from a metal wound could require a booster shot.  Kiwanis has contributed in the past to this effort, determined to help stamp out an infection to which children are very prone.
Another Masonic Lodge fish fry will be held on Friday, Aug. 31 at the lodge building on Clark Street from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.  As I’ve said before, I am really looking forward to it since one of my former students, Allen White, has promised to prepare sweet potato chips. Join me there, won’t you?

Until next week, DaleDbdale@aol.com

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